Overdue Items

(This is an excerpt from the Circulation and Library Card Policy)

Fines, Overdue Materials, and Lost or Damaged Items

Items that are not returned with their check-out period do accrue minimal fines to encourage their return.

  1.  Fines are charged on materials that are not turned in by library closing time on the date that they are due.  (Items returned in the book drop on the due date but after the library closes are considered overdue by 1 day.)
  2. The fine schedule is as follows:
    • Adult and YA books, Cd’s, Playayways, etc. – $0.25/day till $10.00 maximum
    • Some Specially labeled “paperbacks” – fine free
    • DVD and videos – $0.50/day till $10.00 maximum
    • Juvenile books – $0.10/day till $10.00 maximum
    • Hotspots – $1.00/day till $10.00 maximum
  3. If an item is overdue for an extended period of time and attempts to contact the patron by mail have been made, all postage charges will be paid by the patron.
  4. If an item is lost or destroyed, the patron will be charged the replacement cost of the book. Plus a $2.00 processing fee.
  5. Replacement items will only be accepted as long as they are the exact same item in the exact format of the lost or damaged item.  This is only true for items from the Corry Public Library.  Items from other libraries will be handled in the manner deemed appropriate by that library.
  6. Damaged items will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Director (or Children’s Librarian with the approval of the Library Director) for any charges, if any, that will be charged to the patron.  Any disagreements to the decision of the Director will be taken to the Board of Trustees, with their decision being final.
  7. If lost items are later found, they can be returned to the library for a refund of the purchase price minus a $2.00 cataloging fee.

A cardholder with fines and fees will be held to the following:

  • For fines over $5.00, a patron must pay 50% of what is owed in order to check out materials at that time.
  • For fines from $1.00 to $4.99, the patron must pay $1.00 in order to check out materials at that time.
  • For fines at or below $0.99, the patron may check out materials at that time, as long as they agree to bring in the money on their next visit.

The Overdue Process is as follows:

  1. Courtesy calls or emails are made by computer once an item is 7 days overdue.

  2. A letter is mailed to each patron regarding the item(s) that remains overdue for 14 days or more. The cost of these letters is billed to the patron.

  3. If an item remains overdue for 30+ days a certified letter is mailed to the patron at the patron’s cost.

  4. Failing all other attempts to reach the patron and have the missing items returned the patron may be turned over the District Justice as allowed by Pennsylvania law.