Collection Development Policy

Mission and Goals

 The mission of the Corry Public Library is to encourage lifelong learning and enjoyment using a variety of library materials and current technologies.  The broad-based goals of the library are to provide informational, educational, and recreational materials for the enjoyment and enlightenment of all citizens in the community; to identify community need and make every effort to provide effective library programming to meet those needs; to encourage continuing education through the use of library materials and technology; to maintain a library that provides quality, reliable, and up-to-date information; and to provide equal service to all individuals and groups in the community regardless of race, religion, nationality, age, sex, or economic status.

Purpose of the Collection Development Policy

This policy reflects the mission of the Corry Public Library and a commitment to intellectual freedom.  A proper policy regarding the selection and retention of materials was necessary in order ensure that the rules and rights established in the Library Bill of Rights, as adopted by the American Library Association, were being upheld and that no sector of society was being discriminated against.  (For a copy of the ALA’s Library Bill of Rights, see Appendix A of this document.)

Collection Objectives

The Corry Public Library’s priority, with regard to collection development, is to provide the residents of the Corry area access to materials that meet their educational, informational, cultural, and recreational interests and needs.  Specifically, these priorities include:

  • To provide materials in multiple formats that will provide the patrons with popular and factual materials and reference tools that will reflect the diversity of the Corry community.
  • To establish a balanced collection that not only meets the needs and wants of the community, but also upholds each individual’s freedom to read whatever he/she desires without judgment. (See Appendix B for the ALA’s Freedom to Read statement.)
  • To help guide the community toward the future through the purchase of materials on relevant and up-and-coming topics.

Responsibility for Selection

Material selection in the Adult and Young Adult departments is the responsibility of the Library Director.

Material selection in the Children’s department is the responsibility of the Children’s Librarian.

Guidelines for Selection

The Director and the Children’s Librarian will use their knowledge, training, and expertise to determine what goes into the collection.  The following criteria should be used whenever possible in determining what should be in the collection:

  • Critical reviews/awards
  • Anticipated community needs
  • Literary quality
  • Popularity and reputation of the author
  • Cost
  • Relationship between the current collection and the new item

All selection of materials will strictly adhere to the ALA Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement.  Selection of children’s and young adult material will also follow these guidelines.  The Library assumes no responsibility for the content of materials and does not assume the role of in loco parentis.


The Corry Public Library does not condone any form of censorship.  When selecting materials, the selector will not discriminate based solely upon content.

Any individual or group who feels strongly about the inclusion or exclusion of materials in the library is requested to complete the appropriate form. (See Appendix C)

Upon completion of the necessary forms, the item will be brought before the Library Board of Trustees for examination.  The party submitting the challenge is welcome to attend the examination.  The decision of the Board regarding the offending material is final.



 All donations of books, audio/visual materials, and magazines are subject to review by the Director and/or the Children’s Librarian.  If the item is in good condition and would fit into the collection, the item may be selected for the collection.  Items that are not selected for inclusion in the collection will be considered donations to the Friends of the Library Book Sale.

If a receipt for the donated items is required, whoever is at the desk will provide a receipt stating the number of books donated and by whom.  The Library will not assign any value to the donation.

Weeding of Materials

From time to time, the library may need to remove items from the collection due to damages, replacement, inaccuracy of content, or space limitations.  Items removed will be examined on a case-by-case basis before being removed from circulation.  If an item is removed, it is the Director’s or Children’s Librarian’s duty to ensure that either a newer item of similar or updated content is available or that other works in the collection will make up for the material being discarded.

At no time will an item be removed from the shelves based upon patron challenges without Board of Trustees approval.

Adopted by the Corry Public Library Board of Trustees on March 14, 2007