The Library is Getting a New Computer System


The Corry Public Library has been using the same Circulation (check-in & check-out) and Catalog System for ten years along with the rest of the libraries in Erie County.  On January 5th we’re updating to a new system that will save the library money and have lots of new features that community members have been asking for.

New features starting January 2017 include:

  • Opt-in to save your reading history
  • New online library catalog
  • New call-in system for easy renewals and/or to check account status
  • Online credit card payments
  • Consistent loan periods and due dates at all locations
  • Consistent fines at all locations
  • Printed or emailed due date receipts
  • All DVD rentals will be free
  • Receive text message notices

Some of these new features will be changes for Corry and some won’t. For instance, our DVD’s are already free, and our loan periods are staying the same (three weeks for print and audio materials, one week for video materials). Other features will be new to Corry.  The receipt printers will be a change and the fines are changing. The Corry Public Library hasn’t raised fines since the 1980’s and our fines for print materials will be going up to $0.25 a day, DVD fines remain the same at $0.50. This is large increase, and to make the transition smoother the library will be giving out coupon cards starting this weekend that can be used to “pay” fines once the new system is live. We’re super excited about the ability for patrons to opt-in to tracking their reading history. This feature was disabled years ago because of privacy concerns, but it is now back: new and improved. The patron and only the patrons will be able to see their history if they so choose.

Important Information About The Transition:

All items currently on hold will be transferred to the new system
No new holds can be placed after December 16th until the new system is fully functional

Due Dates:
No materials will be due over the holidays this year while the transition takes place December 23rd to January 5th

Fines will not be able to be paid during December 23rd– January 7th

The Library will be closed December 24th, 25th & 26th as well as December 31st, January 1st & 2nd

The Library will be open on December 27th-30th and January 3rd -5th with limited capabilities. Programs will be held as normal during this time. The Wi-Fi will be on (it is on 24/7) and the computer lab will be open


The staff of the library have begun training on the new system, and more is scheduled through December so that we’re ready to go on January 5th. The receipt printers have been installed already and lots of behind the scenes work has been completed.  The computer lab will not be affected by these changes.

We’re very excited to be able to better the serve the community with this new system!