Summer Reading Quest & Book Scavenger

Summer Reading Quest will be taking place from June 1st through July 31st.

For Children birth to 13 years of age – Go to the Children’s Department, register and receive your library bag. Children earn prizes based on the number of visits and  level of completion for their reading logs. Complete your 4 visit challenge and reading log in June to receive more chances for prizes in July.  Register by June 30th to participate.

For Teens and Adults – Go to the front desk and fill out a registration form. Participants will get one raffle slip a week for a book read and one raffle slip a week for a program attended. Raffle slips can be entered in to win the prize of your choice.

Book Scavenger:

Books have been hidden throughout Corry. Their locations will be revealed in the Corry Journal on Fridays from June 1st through July 20th. With their location is a code indicating how to find the book. Solve the ciphers, collect the point cards and turn them in at the library. The person with the most points by July 27th will win a basket of local goodies totaling at least $70.00. For those tech savy patrons, you can check the book scavenger website to find the location of the books and get your clues.

Book Scavenger is for Teens and Adults, but kids who can figure out the clues are welcome to participate as well. Hint: If you read the book titled Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman you will have a definite head start.