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  1. Dear Kelsey;

    I’m not sure if you are the person to contact but perhaps you could get my request to the right person. I am surprised that the Corry Library has no e-mail addresses available on their website for people to write to – unless I am overlooking it, in which case I apologize. I am inquiring once again to find out if it is possible to access the old Corry Newspapers online through the library, even it it is at a cost since I am out of state. I am aware that the Corry Library has issues back to about 1888 on microfilm for the Herald and 1092 for the Journal however, I live in Indiana and unless I come to Corry, PA, I cannot get to them. The library will not send the microfilms out of state for an inter-library loan, I have tried to see if I can borrow them through the Big10 Library chain (Penn State, my alma mater to IU here in Bloomington) and they won’t do that either. I even offered to pay for a copy of the microfilm(s) to be made and sent to me with the offer that when I was done with my research, I would donate the film(s) back to the library. I need the early years, anything after 1870 to about 1915. I cannot find where the Corry papers have contracted with any services like Newspapers.com, Newspaper Archives, or Chronicling America through National Archives. The Corry papers are simply unavailable unless one lives in the area and has the ability to physically go to the library. I have been inquiring for the last three or four years and just keep hoping one of the papers and the Corry library would join the digital age and make these resources available for genealogical researchers out of state. I know I could hire a researcher in the area and if I knew what I was looking for, I would be more than happy to do that, but this really will be a case of I won’t know it until I see it! I’m looking to break past a brick wall and don’t even know if anything of use will be in the paper so I have to read each issue myself – we’re talking hours and hours of research for possibly no result, I’m sure you can understand why it would be difficult to turn that over to a researcher. I am hoping you have another suggestion for me to be able to gain access to these papers. Thank you, Holly Barton

    1. Holly,
      I am not sure if anyone answered your questions, but we are not presently online with the old Corry Journal Issues. You can hire our reference staff to do searches for you and that can be done through our Office Manager Kristen. If you ar interested in doing that you can email her at: assistant@corrylibrary.org., I hope this helps.

      Tracy Blair

    2. Holly,

      I wanted to let you know that our microfilm should be online around Mid May 2021. We are in the process of having it digitized.

      Thank you for your intreset,
      Tracy Blair

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